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We will never know our full potential unless we push ourselves to find it.  

About SJPT

Welcome to SJPT online.

Sarah Jones Personal Training is the leading personal training company in Kendal providing professional and affordable training tailored to suit you. Starting out on your health and fitness journey can be daunting in the beginning but here at SJPT we can guide you on the right path and one that is suitable for you.


There are lots of ways to train with us at SJPT - In a Private Studio, a Fully Equipt gym, Outside or Online the options are endless but the benefits are huge.  

Training is a passion of ours. Whether it is training for sport or to reach personal fitness aspirations, We have bags of enthusiasm that will help boost your motivation and spur you on when you need it most. Training doesn't have to be boring and with our enjoyable, innovative and tailored packages you can achieve your goals and more. 

So what are you waiting for?

Visit our packages page and see how we can help you.

Meet the Team

I am a highly motivational Personal Trainer, with 10+ years experience and knowledge of working within the Fitness Industry. I believe that an active and healthy lifestyle should be fun and fulfilling and you will see this in the sessions I deliver.   

I've always had a passion for health, fitness and sports conditioning. No matter what barriers you think you might have to achieving your goals, I can help you break these down and help you reach and exceed your targets. 


My expert training plans will make sure you hit your personal and sporting goals. As a strength and conditioning coach who has worked with National, regional and county level athletes, I have the knowledge and experience to help you improve your performance.  

Sarah Harper

Head Personal Trainer
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Exercise Correction Specialist
Sports Massage & Rehabilitation Therapist

After years of experience working with a range of clients I have a unique skill set you wont find anywhere else. Each session you be assessed on movement compensations, where you are weak and strong. Meaning you get a more in depth workout specific to you to help you stay injury free, but also move, feel and live better.

If you currently have an injury my Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation sessions are perfect for you. These sessions will aid your recovery and give you a structured rehabilitation plan to help you regain your fitness and get you back to the things you love faster. 

Sports Massage and Sports Therapy
Sports Massage and Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy is an aspect of heath care that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the client back to optimum levels of functional and sports specific fitness.

As a sports therapist I use :-

Soft tissue massage techniques, Deep fascia release, Mobilisation and Stretching techniques and Sports taping to help prevent injuries, recognise and manage postural dysfunction, manage pain and treat and rehabilitate clients back to sport. 


Personal Training

Are you unsure of how to start your health and fitness journey? Or do you lack motivation and need to reignite your passion for training again? 
With SJPT all of this can be achieved no matter where you are starting from. 

One of the perks of training with SJPT is you have your own mentor not just for the hour of training but also for the days in between your sessions. Our venues are private or quiet  training environments so no cues for equipment, just the trainer and a variety of kit making sure you get the best 1-2-1 experience you deserve.



Our team of trainers have years of expertise in the health and fitness industry and specialise in:

  • Pre and Post Natal Training

  • Exercise for Disabilities

  • Strength and Conditioning 

  • Exercise Correction

  • Sports Massage Therapy


We can assist you to:

  • Lose body fat by inches and increase lean muscle to boost your metabolic rate

  • Improve your general health and fitness while maintaining flexibility and mobility

  • Improve core stability and posture

  • Train towards sporting goals, help with prehab / rehab of injuries and introduce nutritional strategies. 

Personal Training
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Based in Kendal the Lake District            07835228165  

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